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Prairie Elk Distributing are leadings in the roofing industry, we specialize in new installations, re-roofing, also industrial/residential/commercial maintenance, and always-emergency repairs. We do all these projects with dedication to providing quality workmanship and materials specializing in our installations.

Prairie Elk Distributing has many years of experience, with this experience we have developed a high standard of using top-quality products and we strive to be the experts in the business. While serving all of the eastern part of Montana, we continue to provide complete customer satisfaction in our services.

Metal Roofing
  • Coating and painting of metal roofs
  • Protect and seal the metal roofs
  • Shingle roof
  • Coating over shingle roof (makes it wind and hail resistant)
Why We Use Conklin Products

Only Conklin roofing contractors have exclusive access to this new technology. Conklin now offers a remarkable new roofing system designed to increase your profits by extending your roofing season. Equinox is one of the first low-temperature coatings on the market. It dries quickly at temperatures of 36 degrees F and rising provided you have a dry substrate, a minimum of two hours of sun and a light breeze. More roofing weather means more jobs per year helping you grow your business faster.
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Why We Use Latex Elastomeric

Rubber roofs are durable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly (they are often made of recycled materials). The advantages of rubber roofing are many, another advantage of rubber roofs, is that they require low maintenance, unlike wooden materials.  When installing a rubber roof one should take into consideration the two options – a whole roof system or shingles. An entire roof covered with a large rolled rubber roofing piece is ideal for preventing any leakage whatsoever, as they have no seams in them. This may be a slightly more expensive option, but a wise decision for flat roof homeowners especially. Rubber roof shingles are authentic looking shingles that have all the advantages the rubber material provides, and are even lighter, making it easier to install. Rubber roof repairs are easy to fix. Especially if rubber roof shingles are involved, but also in the case of a whole roof system, rubber may tear or even fall off. The homeowner can easily repair the roof with spare pieces or special tape or liquid that dries into rubber-like material. Such liquid sealant can be applied to the entire roof upon installation to prevent any such damage in the long run.

Flat Roofing
  • Restoration on rubber and bitumen roofs
  • Using Latex Elastomeric
  • Flat and low slope roofs,
  • EPDM modified bitumen-recoating systems
  • Fabric reinforced systems
  • PBC co-polymer alloy
  • Hypalon
  • Spray foam re coat
  • Single ply systems